Profiles for arched roof

The Hoesch Arched Roof adds elegance to architecture. With a variety of arch profiles, many radii of curvature and an unlimited range of colors, our system offers exemplary solutions for a dynamic roof architecture.

The outstanding static properties of the arch allow self-supporting, double-shell structures with spans up to 20 m. The Hoesch Arched Roof is thus supporting structure and roof at the same time.

Optimal corrosion protection is assured by the strip galvanization and colored plastic coating of ThyssenKrupp Steel.

Product description

  • imposing appearance
  • can be individually matched to the building
  • high degree of stability through non-buckling manufacture
  • self-supporting up to 20 m (double-shell)
  • economical through industrial prefabrication
  • arched roof.1000px