Deep profile for large spans

Rational construction means systematic building. The Hoesch Roof System 2000 combines a high degree of prefabrication with excellent product properties.

With its Trapezoidal Profiles of the 3rd generation, the Hoesch Roof System 2000 can support high loads and at the same time is extremely light. Spans of up to 10 m are possible. Due to larger building modules, far fewer supports are needed - an advantage also reflected in economic terms especially in multibayed hall structures.


The system is used as a large-area roof element for warm roofs. The elements can be easily and reliably installed - without the usual control measurements.


Product description

  • high load-bearing capacity through system
  • very stiff
  • low intrinsic weight
  • functional styling
  • high degree of industrial prefabrication by technically well-proven system
  • attractive appearance (underview)
  • image047