Cold room panels PU: The classic of the cold room panels

Wherever high demands of insulation is required, the ems cold room panels belong to the first choice.

Offering ten different thicknesses – between 40mm and 220mm – these insulating panels have been applied in diverse temperature depending construction projects.

Product characteristic

  • element thicknesses between 40 and 220 mm
  • U values between 0.58 and 0.11 W/m²/K
  • double grooved and tongued connection (from PU60 onwards)
  • delivery lengths up to 24 m
  • labyrinth seal (from PU60 onwards)
  • all elements B1 (virtually non flammable)
  • slightly profiled, v-profiled or flat surface texture
  • optionally with a foodcompatible surface FS 3000®

Quality assurance

General building approval: Z-10.4-254 of the DIBt, Berlin. Diverse approvals from foreign bodies.

Quality standards correspond with the determinations of the building approval (DIBt) and the quality and testing regulations RAL GZ-617 (Quality Association of Building Steel Plate Elements).

The approved production is guaranteed by our own factory production controls and additional external quality control by the Research Centre for Steel, Wood and Stones of the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

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