Systematic fire-protection: isorock®

When it’s a question of modern fire-protection for roof and walls, we recommend our isorock® sandwich element of Building Material Class A2-s1, d0 DIN EN 13501-1, “non-combustible “.

For the sandwich panel, a fire resistance time between 30 and 120 minutes (depending on the type and thickness of mineral wool used) has been measured, in accordance with national and European standards.

isorock® elements can also be used as an interior fire-wall.

Product description

  • Non combustible thermal insulation
    • lower insurance premium
  • Defined class of fire resistance
    • protection of persons and buildings
  • Excellent thermal insulation
    • reduced energy costs
  • Conrock boards manufactured by Deutsche Rockwool
    • bio-degradable mineral wool board
    • class A1, non combustible
  • Vapour-tight cover shells
    • high thermal resistance in the long term
  • Thermal separation
    • no thermal bridges
  • Cover shells with various surface finishes
    • versatile surface design
  • Various coating systems available
    • high resistance to weather
    • long service life
  • Large range of color hues
    • aesthetically pleasing effects
  • Lengths up to 16 m
    • minimised number of cross joints
  • High rigidity
    • large spans
  • Precisely fitting joint geometry including factory-applied sealing strips
    • impermeable to air
    • tight against driving rain
    • test certificates no. P-6-306/1999 and P-6-307/1999, issued by Fraunhofer Institut
  • Rapid and easy installation
    • reduced installation costs
    • short installation time
  • In-house production control and supervision by external bodies
    • constant product quality ensured
  • Approval no. Z-10.4-235 issued by the Building Authorities
  • Cost efficiency
    • a suitable alternative to foam mortar

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