With smooth transition to modern architecture: isowelle®

Isowelle® façade elements are supplied ready for installation and, with their “smooth” geometry, allow modern, homogeneous wall surfaces to be designed.

isowelle® can be installed both horizontally and vertically to an element length of max. 20m and, in conjunction with concealed attachment, allows great scope for creativity which is extended even further by possible combinations with isowand vario®.

Product description

  • Visually pleasing design
    • characteristic shape, striking appearance
  • Excellent thermal insulation
    • energy savings
  • Tight joint geometry, equipped with sealing strips fitted in the factory
    • extreme air-tightness, little ventilation heat loss
    • little pressure required for installation
  • Vapour-tight cover sheets
    • little heat loss
  • Concealed fastening
    • undisturbed configuration
  • Defined stop together with an additional groove for screw fixing
    • easy installation
  • Low dead weight
    • easy to install
    • rapid installation
  • Large spans
    • cost savings for the substructure
  • Ready for installation
    • short installation time
    • low installation cost
  • Cover shells made from strip-galvanised and coil-coated steel sheet
    • outstanding corrosion protection
    • long service life
    • a variety of color shades presents even more creative opportunities

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isowelle 02.640px


isowelle 03.640px