Only from us: isowand integral®

isowand integral® with its characteristic microprofiling on the outer covering shell is a modern sandwich element for high-quality industrial buildings.

The special joint geometry, arranged as a tongue-and-groove connection on two sides, allows the positioning of integral clamps which are not visible from the outside for the attachment of the elements to the backings.

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Product description

  • matching windowsystem
  • Precise joint geometry with a factory-applied sealing strip
    • high air permeability, low ventilation heat losses
    • low contact pressure required
  • Concealed fastening
    • undisturbed surfaces
  • Low dead weight
    • easy installation
    • rapid installation
  • Excellent thermal insulation
    • saving of energy costs
  • Large spans
    • reduced costs for the supporting structure
  • Ready for assembly
    • short installation time
    • low installation costs
  • Cover shells made from coil-galvanised and coil-coated steel
    • excellent protection against corrosion
    • long service life
    • various color effects are possible

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