Curtain-type architecture: Hoesch Siding façade panels

Delicate effect on large façade areas - the Hoesch Siding touch.

A system that lends an architectural quality to large façade areas.

Product description

* curtain-type, ventilated façade for vertical, horizontal or diagonal mounting

* manufactured from GALFAN® coated strip

* covering widths from 200 mm to 400 mm and delivery lengths up to 8 m

* concealed mountings

* flat or micro-profiled surface finish

* installation on conventional backings or system bar

* the elements are closed by a top edge (if desired) at the front face

* individual solutions possible at corners of building

* weather- and corrosion-resistant

* alternative basic material on request


hoesch siding 01.640px
hoesch siding 02.640px
hoesch siding 03.640px