Photovoltaic system for roof and facade

The solution for the future in energy and construction. The roof and façade system of lightweight steel elements that actively generates energy.

Product description

  • single-leaf or thermally insulated steel structural elements with integrated solar module on the basis of nanocrystalline thin-film technology
  • high-tech module at the most advanced state of photovoltaic development
  • use of photovoltaic elements in roof or façade integration avoids additional costs (e.g., no posts, no additional assembly costs)
  • in comparison with crystalline photovoltaic systems, up to 20% more annual current from Solartec due to innovative arrangement of the solar cell
  • from A to Z - everything from a single source: from application counseling and dimensioning to dc-ac converters and accessories
  • certified according to IEC 61646
  • 20-years performance guarantee, 20-years State support
  • economical, very easy to install and reliable
  • can be combined with the isodach mono® roof
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