Photovoltaic panels on Riverclack55® / Rivergrip roof cladding


In case a high nominal power is required and roof surfaces are not very large, the right solution is Krystal system.
The polycrystalline or monocrystalline panel in “tedlarglass”, on purpose designed 3 cells wide, is integrated with our Riverclack® sheet

The PV panel simply clicks in to place with the Riverclack® roofing system without through perforations of the covering.
Therefore, all waterproof characteristics of Riverclack® covering system are preserved.

A perfect integration designed to last throughout the years.


Photovoltaic panels in high-effective mono/polycrystalline silicon
Wind uplift resistance up to 450 kg/sqm
Weight about 12,5 Kg/sqm
The reduced panel width offers a considerable resistance to unfavourable weather conditions (hail) and to walkability in case of roof maintenance
Riverclack® covering system 20-year guarantee



Ease of installation without perforating the roof.

Replacement and maintenance ease and quickness.

Possibility to choose supplier and panel to fit your own needs.

Excellent ventilation for the lack of traditional frame that limits the air stream.

Low architectural impact.

System guarantee for the whole Feed in tariff period.