Standing seam effect: isodach mono®

Four in one: supporting shell, vapor barrier, thermal insulation and waterproofing.

isodach mono® meets practically all the requirements for a modern roof system as a lightweight steel structure. Since, apart from the rib in the joint area, no other rib at all is used, there is not only an attractive appearance but also the great advantage that small and medium-size roof openings can be easily arranged without having to take special measures for the diversion of the rainwater running off between the ribs that are usually required.

Product description

  • fastening without through-bolts
  • cover sheets made from GALVAN® plus coating
  • alternative material for the cover sheets on request
  • outer sheet slightly profiled or microprofiled, inner sheet slightly profiled
  • high-quality appearance with only one rib per element
isodach mono 01.640px
isodach mono 02.640px
isodach mono 03.640px