The final touch: isodach integral®

In its final form, the sandwich roof: isodach integral® combines a high standard of thermal insulation with a good load-bearing capacity and an excellent appearance.

Product description

  • Long term tightness against rain, wind and snow
  • Solidly fastened to resist wind uplift forces
  • Almost maintenance-free, keeps its value
  • Excellent thermal insulation
    • saving of energy costs
  • Large spans
    • reduced costs for the supporting structure
  • Ready for assembly
    • rapid installation
    • low installation costs
  • Cover sheets made from coil-galvanised and coil-coated steel
    • excellent protection against corrosion
    • long service life
    • various color effects are possible

isodach integral 01.640px


isodach integral 02.640px

isodach integral 03.640px