Unbeatable in fire protection: isorock integral® D

With isorock integral® D, ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme have developed the first non-combustible sandwich roof element. With Classification A2-s1, d0 DIN EN 13501, isorock integral® D complies with the most important requirements of fire protection.

The panel, fitted out with mineral wool, is an effective barrier against fire, has a high fire-resistance class of more than 120 minutes, does not develop a major smoke nuisance and does not contribute to the spreading of the fire.

isorock integral® D is also especially suitable for firewalls.

Product description

  • Concealed fastening, minimised risk of leakages
  • The sandwich element is "non-combustible", in accordance with EN 13 501-1: A2-s1, d0
  • The core consists of non-combustible rock wool, class of building material A1
  • High degree of thermal insulation by utilizing almost the full nominal height of the element
  • Vapour tight cover sheets with factory-inserted sealing strips
  • Thermal separation of the cover sheets
  • The rock wool is biodegradable
  • The almost flat outer sheet enables easy preparation of cut-outs.

isorock integral d 01.640px


isorock integral d 02.640px


isorock integral d 03.640px