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The metal roof covering systems are the main activity field of Iscom S.p.A. These metal roof covering systems, patented worldwide, are very special with locked-rib joint system which have different types for flat, slopy or circular roofs. A number of different metals such as aluminium alloy, copper and stainless steel, and various colored coating options provide a wide selection range

Especially Riverclack 55, developed for flat roofs, guarantees high reliability and eliminates all the problems typical to such roofs.

Our metal roof covering systems are not only an appropriate solution for new buildings, but also a retrofit solution for old and problematic roofs.

All of our products contain properties such as; easy and reliable joint system, waterproofing, walk ability, durability under all atmospheric conditions.

EMI is the exclusive commercial agent of Iscom S.P.A since its establishment in 1998, and acts as a producer and/or installer, or a sub-contractor for whole roof package.